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Small Wind Turbines for Homes, Businesses and Industry

Introducing a COMPLETE FAMILY of wind generators from 3.4kW, 7.0kW, 12.5kW, and 32kW. 

Now you can choose the right size turbine to reduce or eliminate YOUR electric bill. 

Reduce or Eliminate your Electric Bill with the Wind in your Backyard!!!

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TECWIND Turbines come in a variety of sizes that can be matched to your wind resource and virtually eliminate your electric bill. For example if you have determined that your wind resource is 11 mph annually at 60 feet and your electric bill is 1,000kwh’s a month you will need a TECWIND 7.8-12.5kW Turbine on a 60 foot monopole. See your local TECWIND Dealer for a site assessment and see how close you can come to eliminating your electric bill.

Optimized for Low Winds
Eighty percent of all small wind applications are in low wind areas. This means that the typical wind speed is 10 to 12 mph and if you record/monitor the amount of time the wind is between 6 and 8 mph you will find out that it is approximately the same amount of time as when the wind is between 8 to 16 mph wind. This means that when you pur

chase a wind system that starts at 6.6 mph you will double the amount of time that the turbine is capturing wind and generating power as compared to the typical 8 mph startup speed of other turbines.
How do the TECWIND Turbines double the amount of time that they are generating power compared to other machines for less money? The rotor diameter is the single most determining factor in how much power you will receive out from your wind resource. The ratio of the size of the TECWIND Turbine alternator to the rotor diameter is the highest in the industry. For example a typical 12.5kW machine has a rotor diameter of 7.8 meters. These turbines will not start producing until the blades are spinning in an 8 mph wind. It is not until you reach high winds when you will begin to generate enough power to utilize the high end of the generator that you paid for.  Not only does this turbine start generating sooner it will be spinning twice as much and generating power twice as often.
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Information and photos courtesy of TECWIND