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Specializing in Wind Turbines and Solar generation systems for Residences and Small Business.


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  • Save Money on UTILITY COSTS
  • Increase Your PROPERTY VALUE
  • Take Advantage of Available TAX CREDITS and INCENTIVES
  • Have a Positive Impact on the ENVIRONMENT
  • SUN AND WIND will Never be Depleted 






 Wind and Solar systems from 800W to 32 kW.


DyoCore at a glance 

DyoCore SolAir 800w Hybrid Wind Solar Generator is designed specifically for residential and small commercial low wind surface mount applications. Units are stackable from one to five units, lightweight, easy to install and in minutes produce energy in low turbulent winds.



TECWIND at a glance

TECWIND Turbines connect directly to your electric meter.  There are a variety of generator sizes ranging from 3.4kW, 7.0kW, 12.5kW, and 32kW that can be matched to your wind resource and energy comsumption to reduce your electric bill.




Solar Generation Systems at a glance 

Photovoltaic systems tied directly to the power grid, or circulating hot water systems, are available. Either can be roof mount or ground mount to best take advantage of available sunlight. We make it a point to install panels manufactured in the USA.




 Information and photos courtesy of Dyocore and TECWIND